What You Really Value

Often times what we claim is most important to us is not quite accurate. The temptation, especially when talking to others, is to play up our vanity values—the values that make us sound noble, or selfless, or generous, or…

But talk is cheap, and behavior reveals your true priorities.

How many companies claim that they value or are committed to our privacy, but go on to inform us (in so many words) that our data may be used for ads or tracking? Or how many would-be automobile recalls never happened because the calculated cost of potential lawsuits is lower than the cost of the recall?

How about you? Do you tell people that you want to start a business, but spend your days researching and planning? Is your desire to avoid the fear and uncertainty of stepping outside your comfort zone a higher priority than actually being an entrepreneur?

If you want to find out what you truly value, a quick review of your bank statement and calendar will provide a sobering picture. And it’s not that we don’t know where to look to find the truth. It’s just so much easier to stay in the dark and believe the story we’ve created.