Something Will Give

Nothing is free, and everything has a cost; you only get to choose whether to pay now or to pay later. You must pick your battles, and you must choose where to give ground. Something will give.

A weightlifter can only lift so much before needing rest. The body can only be pushed so far before it needs begins to shut down. An employee can only work so hard before health and relationships start to suffer. Something will give.

You can do anything you put your mind to, but you cannot do everything you put your mind to. Something will give.

Any attempt to outsmart and sidestep this simple fact will result in consequences you did not anticipate. Drugs to mask physical pain have side effects. Lack of sleep increases risk of disease and illness. Exceeding the limits of your muscle and tendon strength results in debilitating injury. Something will give.

You do not get to choose whether or not you pay a cost, you only get to pick which cost you pay. If you do not choose, the choice will be made for you. The cost is much greater when you refuse to pick. Make the choice. Pay on your own terms. Whether or not you choose, something will give.