We are products of what we regularly do. Anything, when done consistently, produces results. The only question is, are the results you are seeing the results that you are after?

One of the most simple principles I have learned is that consistency is paramount; consistency trumps all.

Intensity is good, but a great effort once in a while does not yield lasting results (if any). Technique is important, but you cannot build or refine it without practice.

But the consistency of determined, never-ending steps in the same direction will guarantee progress in that direction, no matter how small or shaky the step.

Most people take 1 step in 20 directions instead of 20 steps in 1 direction.

—Michael Hyatt

Occasional herculean efforts rarely accomplish a goal. And even when those efforts are successful, we often find that simply achieving the goal wasn’t the true result we were after. 6 weeks of drastic diet and exercise won’t matter if you gain all the weight back once you stop.

Instead of focusing on the result, focus on using consistency to shape yourself into the type of person who attracts the desired result.