I’m Mike Wilkerson

Cloud architect, software engineer, automation enthusiast, DevOps something-or-other, productivity hacker.

I love Python, Golang, Scala, and anything to do with backend services, configuration management, or build systems. Dislikes include repeatedly doing things a computer can do, lack of good documentation, and shirts that are not long enough but are far too wide.

In my spare time, I like to work on various side projects, write/play music, and do pretty much anything outdoors.

I love coffee. If you are in The Triangle area, you will likely run into me at one of the local coffee shops. I take pride in making a great brew at home, and I prefer a Chemex to French Press.

Some other places I hang out on the web

  • I occasionally post nonsense here
  • Things I work on in my spare time sometimes end up here
  • I have a weird thing for surfaces

Infrequently Asked Questions

Who made the logo for your site?

I made it using LucidChart, weirdly enough.

What is the meaning behind the title of the site?

It came to mind one night, and I liked it. I’m not entirely sure what it means yet, but you can bet it’s pretty deep.